Protection and communication


Serenity, hearing protection and communication in one solution

Robust, durable and with the high functionality and ease of use that will make it an instant market leader, the LTH-570 handheld rugged LTE handheld has been specifically developed to surpass the varied and extensive needs of all end users.
  • Hearing protection and communication solution in one system
  • Modular and interchangeable depending on deployment and user group
  • A platform tailored to the user’s work processes
  • Safe to use with adequate break couplings


Ear impression

To produce custom fitted Serenity protection an accurate impression of the user's ear canal and outside ear is taken.


This ear impression is used to produce comfortable clinical nylon eShells. With these in hand, the user can choose the Serenity system that best suits his needs.


Phonak’s earJack is a standard mechanical interface that clicks into an eShell, forming a perfect seal. The earJack contains different electro-acoustical components depending upon the Serenity system chosen.

Control box

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