Lifeline Solutions – Making User Requirements Come to Life

At Lifeline Solutions we have an unerring commitment to connecting people. Our mission is to effortlessly enable our users to build collective efficiency through seamless real time communication, whether over the 4G/5G networks or by interfacing with pre-existing narrowband systems.

“We listened to our users, recognising the need to match capability to demand and have relentlessly strived to close the gap between current and future communications technology. Without question Lifeline achieves this and more, we just have one goal; Making user requirements come to life.

Bas de Grood - CEO Mission Critical Group

Mission Critical Group

High standards

More about Lifeline

1In-house design and development
The use of a highly experienced in-house design and development team allows for the company to be agile and responsive to customer requirements, ensuring that future product roadmaps are reflective of both end user and market demands, it truly is Dutch innovation at its best.
2Reliability, usability & security

A priority at every stage of product development is for the team to consider the challenges faced when deploying critical communication infrastructures, resulting in the implementation of the highest quality solutions.

The team diligently deliver on the experience-based requests (or recommendations) offered by end users, from those focused around reliability and speed, to those around usability and security. Furthermore the team don’t stop there, they are continuously reviewing and creating additional functionality, ensuring that the ultra-flexible Lifeline Solutions product range is ready to face any challenge, anywhere.

3International team
Customers across the Netherlands have been benefiting from the successful deployment of Lifeline end-to-end solutions for over a year now, and we thought it only fair to enable users across the globe to take advantage of this world leading solutions package. Therefore, in partnership with a trusted partner network, our strategy is to launch all elements of the solution worldwide! Lifeline Solutions boasts an international team of professional and experienced sales and marketing experts, who believe in the shared vison of building on an unrivalled regional reputation for excellent product design, development and innovation to create a trusted global brand. This will be driven through an enhanced global partner network, empowering each partner to maximize their sales opportunities by showcasing the unparalleled impact that Lifeline will provide for their customers.


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