Wherever you are, whatever your job there are a common set of needs and requirements to enable you to complete any task to the highest possible standard. Whatever your industry, the Lifeline Solution will enable your team to overcome any challenges they face. 
Aimed at end users within: public safety and defence; healthcare; public transport; aviation and shipping, as well as wider industrial and commercial sectors. The Lifeline solutions portfolio offers critical communications through existing 4G/5G and has capacity to advance in line with technology. There is an easy to use and highly intuitive PTT app as well as cross contact to pre-existing narrowband communication systems and users.

Unrivalled functionality for Public Safety Users

Time is critical for first responders who might be putting their own lives in harms way to ensure the safety of others.  Emergency services need to be able to react instantly as situations evolve: to navigate safe passage, to record evidence, to seek advice, to operate in the most inhospitable of locations and environments.

In response. The LTH-570’s 6,000 mAh battery and unrivalled connectivity ensure that your team are always online to send and receive videos, maps and data as well as multiple, uninterrupted voice calls. The handheld units are fully programmable and are compatible with a range of accessories and critical response applications. 

The Dutch developed Push to Talk App supports your team by instantly information sharing via texts, images, and documents across a selected talk group.

In addition the Lifeline Bodycam solution provides safety and security for any of your lone workers allowing images and recordings to be instantly dispatched to the Dutch designed DEMS Digital Evidence Management System providing easy management and storage of evidence.

Safety first for Government and Security Forces

Government and security forces traditionally employ private network TETRA communication pathways to maintain security and integrity. Operators may need to be able to communicate simultaneously across multiple groups and in multiple formats: text, images, video and audio whilst being tracked by dispatch but remaining undetected by all other parties.

In response. The LTH-570 handheld supports both narrowband systems and cutting-edge technology to facilitate the migration to public 5G networks. Security is ensured through high-end encryption of all audio, visual, data files or even silent button based emergency protocol transmission. The latter, coupled with GPS location-based services, provides dispatchers with real time situational awareness to sanction back up or support as required. Images and recordings can be captured by the high quality HD camera and instantly dispatched to the Dutch designed Device Evidence Management System ‘vault’ via Wi-Fi or 4G.

Keeping people safe in healthcare

At the heart of good healthcare is keeping people safe. Lifeline’s responsive and reliable critical communication solutions empower you to realise this core purpose. It is essential, for example, that all members of a hospital’s team, from porters to doctors, surgeons to administrators, have the most up-to-date and accurate information at their fingertips and are contactable wherever they are on site.

In response. For more than 25 years our team of experts have been listening and developing, developing and listening to ensure that our suite of solutions both empowers and connects your team to keep us all safe and in good health. Patient confidentiality is a high priority. Our Dutch based systems provide encrypted critical communication and data transfer systems that underpin national and regional emergency services and government run security services. The Lifeline APP provides quick access to essential operatives and allows for additional Android or iOS Apps to be used for medical information or process flow. The addition of bodycams benefits the safety of your frontline personnel such as ambulance drivers, first aiders, or the reception team at the entrance doors to the hospitals.

Speedy communication for public transport

Everyday millions of commuters and travellers entrust their safety and punctuality to public transport operators with little thought about the complex logistics that support their transit. Reliability of network to ensure seamless and fast communication is vital, as well as secure communications in such public surroundings.

In response. The communication and data collection systems that Lifeline Solutions have developed in Europe over more than 25 years ensure that communication channels are open whatever the terrain or distance from transport hubs. Our secure and flexible communication systems allow the integration of narrowband, contemporary and cutting-edge technology to help public transport run on time now and in the future, whilst maintaining the personal safety of all passengers and staff. The addition of bodycams benefits the safety of your frontline personnel such as drivers and conductors. Quick access to dispatchers is available on the LTH-570 in case of disturbances with passenger flow, or equipment breakdown.

Instant communication for Utilities Operatives

Utilities operatives often work alone as part of a highly mobile workforce, reliant on data transmission and the need for fast and effective communications and support to solve problems.

In response. The LTH-570 empowers Push-To-Talk business critical communication via Wi-Fi, 4G or LTE ensuring personnel can stay in contact with colleagues. A Lone worker application can provide safety for both outdoor and indoor workers, and GPS location services can be enabled to make sure that (when needed) help can be directed to a pinpoint location.

LifeLine for Heavy Industry and Factories

Heavy Industry. Factories and shop floors are dominated by moving and rotating machinery, noisy processes, dust, and temperature variations. An environment where equipment might easily be dropped and smashed or critical communications might go unheard.

In response. The LTH-570 handheld is robust, durable and built to last in even the most challenging of locations, it is resistant to water, dust, shock, and vibration. The built-in 2W speaker delivers clear and loud audio for use in high noise environments, whilst the dual-mic noise reduction technology reduces ambient noise for clear and intelligible communications.

Keep connected in Airports

Airports are dynamic places where the continual movement of a high density of people and high value cargo make high levels of co-ordinated communication imperative.

In response. The LTH-570 is extremely flexible and has the capacity to transmit across WiFi, 4G, LAN and GPS to ensure security, workflow management and critical communication from the busy terminal building to the furthest boarding gate and even out as far as the very end of the furthest runway. 

Needs orientated for Ports

Ports are often vast spaces with continuously evolving barriers to radio frequency-based communications created by large moving vessels, containers, trains, and lorries. Time away from a central office can run to several hours and secure communication channels need to be maintained with vessels such as super tankers and giant container ships to ensure their safe docking and un/loading.

In response. The LTH-570’s quick charging and intelligent battery management coupled with the capacity to charge the handheld device in a vehicle using standard USB-C chargers will ensure your team are always powered-up, whilst the device authentication ensure that the radio can only be operated by authorised personnel. It supports many frequency bands and switches between radio frequency carriers seamlessly, providing optimal coverage as a result.

Solutions for Large Crowded Events

Event management sports events and music festivals are often loud, densely packed environments with spatial and temporal pinch points whose management is critical.

In response. The LTH-570 makes use of market leading, noise reduction audio and microphone technology as well as having the capacity to work in vibration and/or hands-free modes to provide users with the capacity to monitor, communicate and manage situations before they become issues.

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Other industries?

Lifeline can easily be integrated into your secure private network. Take full control of your data and, for a one-off software upgrade fee, benefit from the increased flexibility, functionality and protection that hosting systems on your own server can provide.

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