Body Worn Camera Solutions

Body Worn Cameras

Lifeline is the European pioneer in body worn video solutions. For over 12 years we globally have been providing IWitness body worn video solutions to Law Enforcement agencies.


Strategically developed

The strategically developed Lifeline bodycams support the operational needs of workers who may face the threat of abuse and/or violence in their jobs. The new BC2 and BC4 bodycams provide long-shift recording reliability and a nocompromise design that helps capture evidence in situations where every second might count.

Designed in the Netherlands

Designed and developed in the Netherlands, both bodycams and their cloud-based management software, unobtrusively integrate with daily operations. A central design consideration was to ensure that data is collected and stored safely and security. The Lifeline bodycam platform’s intuitive design, reliability and dependability are essential in mission critical situations.

Compatible operating system

Whether you choose our BC2 or BC4 camera the software and accessories are fully interchangeable. You can operate a mix andmatch of hardware based on budget and current requirements, safe in the knowledge that you can easily upgrade to the higher specification model without the extra expense of having to swap the supporting software too!

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