Lifeline Dispatcher

Connecting the dots

The browser driven dispatcher is the hub around which all other functionality revolves. Clearly visible at a glance: the dispatcher displays all users and groups of users, together with their current status. It successfully links individuals and groups, allows control over alerts and accessories, which in turn guarantee that success of the operation whatever it might be.


  • Multi group interaction
  • Follow users’ location in real time
  • Alarm management
  • Call requests
  • Pre-emption
  • Notifications
  • Search function
    • Dragging and dropping of groups
    • Scalable windows for optimum display
    • Adding of users to groups
    • Linking and moving of talk groups
    • Assignment of external users
    • Initiation of alert tones

Management tool

Simple online management tool for configuration of Lifeline

The browser-operated management tool is used to create users and their core data, to configure talk groups and priorities and to generate system reports.

On-premise Server

Lifeline can be integrated into your own private network. In this case, the hosting will be on your own servers, with full flexibility and control over your data. There is a one-time charge for the on-site server software.