Abiom has over 14 years of experience delivering body worn video solutions to critical communications users.
The Lifeline end-to-end solution includes bodycams which are superior quality, innovative and intuitive to use.


Bodycam with S.O.S. function and 4G LTE Live stream option


Bodycam with heart rate activation


The LBC-4G combines the best of both worlds, local recording and live video monitoring.

The LBC-4G has the revolutionary option to live stream video (and audio) real time over a 4G network without any un-safe cables or external units. This allows you to monitor, guide and advise your staff real time.

It is the only bodycam in the world that can perform live streaming in two protocols rtmp & rtsp/onvif.

With its weight (only 167 grams) and small size it’s the lightest and smallest bodycam of its kind.

The LBC-4G is the only bodycam that can perform live streaming in more than one protocol.  As standard it uses the RTMP protocol.

By just selecting a checkbox in our software you can switch to the RTSP/Onvif streaming protocol.  Options like this makes the LBC-4G the right choice when you are looking for the best live streaming bodycam. 

The LBC-4G is equipped with an alarm button on the camera which can be pushed in case of an emergency.  A loud alarm will sound in the control room and necessary action can be taken by dispatch.

Thanks to the changeable battery combined with a built in battery you will never run out of power, you can change batteries while filming a/o live streaming.

Our "man down" function will start recording automatically in case a user starts running, or falls down and didn’t have time to push the record button.  

Combined with its two way audio function this camera is the best "lone worker" safety device on the market.

The IW4G can literally save lives.


The LBC-2A is an exceptional rugged body camera suited for everyday use.

LBC-2A features: -

  • Designed to last the entire shift.
  • Recording up to 12 hrs with GPS.
  • The LBC-2A can be set to "stealth mode", to take covert pictures.
  • Includes night vision (IR).
  • The LBC-2A is also equipped with additional enhanced features such as: RFID logging and assigning, front button operating, light weight and small size, KISS design and Bluetooth auto triggers.

The LBC-2A is the first and only bodycam that connects with our smartwatch. Paired with the bodycam this smartwatch will activate the camera in case of an abnormal rise or decline in heart rate. So even in high pressured scenarios where the user may forget to start the recording, the LBC-2A will ensure it captures every second.